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New Commands!

Fixed the wizemote for mortal players issue by implementing a new command for players by the name of <echo>.

It's pretty much an emote that doesn't include your name or short desc in it or anything indicating the source. But instead of allowing it to show only privately to other players, letting it show globally, or letting anything like that happen, it has the same parameters as an emote.

I also wrote another command. It's a hybrid of internal dialogue commands, called <ID>. It is a private string of text, shown only to the person entering it, and it always starts with the word 'you'.

So: ID imagine running over and throttling that asswipe.

Would be seen as: You imagine running over and throttling that asswipe.

Pretty much just allows for a wide and flexible number of things to be done with thier own correct contexts internally. Like thinking, feeling, imagining, fearing, arguing, pondering, and any other way you wish to express internal dialogue while only requiring the player to master a single command, and, thus, simplifying the code while keeping it flexible and effective.


March 17, 2009
Ack. I found out what was causing the immortals playerfiles to be corrupted.

When the game was toggled to permadeath (aka, purging players from the system at death), it started corrupting archon files whenever an archon would possess an NPC and be inside it when it died, so it would seem to have something to do with an immortal being in a mortal body as it died and it partially purging their file, leaving it corrupted.

Now, I've also managed to do a few more cool things. Any place there are wi...
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March 13, 2009
I'm finally getting down to business. Thankfully.

I am starting on Kirlian now. That's the first and primary starting location.

Fuck is it ever time consuming.  There have been so -soooo- many errors thus far. Not the least of which being a bug which tends to corrupt the playerfiles for WIZ avatars. Which, believe me, is frustrating to no end.

On the bright side, I've been learning tons, and have come up with so very, very many new items for the game. It's going to be completely original. I mea...
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All the hot happenings on the continent of Shayin.

October 19, 2008

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