Ok. Well, we had two areas finished, but there was an unfortunate incident while an upload of a new area was made. Wiped the entire mud out.


We've updated and gotten the coffeemud codebase v 5.5. It's got a lot to work with. A lot of potential. Hopefully, we can find a good coder to put in and help out a bit.

Currently, we're looking to revamp the magick system, changes the emotes from freeform to targeted, and make it an -effective- classless, levelless system.

It seems, so far, like making the mud classless and levelless is most challenging due to the magick system. Perhaps the easiest way to deal with that would be to completely wipe the existing system and implement a new one. If this were done, it could be coded to be independent of level and class.

I'm also hoping for a way to change the crafting skills and make them much more flexible. Currently, anyone can use any skill, yes, but with the current crafting system, you make an item with no description other than it's own short description. While it's very simple, between that and the limit of short description items you can craft, this will, eventually, prove to be extremely limiting.

Ultimately, I am looking to allow the player to choose what short description and what description they want for the items they make. Is it abusable? Almost certainly. But abuse on the part of a few people who can, and will, be banned, is hardly something to really worry on in comparison to how rewarding, immersive, and depthful it can make crafting. IMO.

Ultimately, the goal is to allow you to do anything with magick and make anything with crafting. It's a very lofty goal, but one that will prove to make the world more diverse, more fluid, and more immersive.


October 27, 2008
PAiN codebase was screwy, so we are experimenting with coffeemud. Most of the preexisting features are great, but adding in the part where we are hoping to set it to classless and levelless, and the fact that we want a heavily rp-based mud, and it's going to be a -nightmare- to try and adjust that. HELP I NEED A CODER. Ha. But the various tags, and the crafting are amazing, and could be very close to what we're looking for with only a few minor tweaks. We had most of one area, and part of ano...
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What's in a Code?

October 19, 2008
At first, we had the thought of using lpmud for the codebase to build from, but then after a little searching and research, we decided to use java, and so have downloaded the PAiN codebase to begin building with.

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October 19, 2008
We just heard back from one of the free servers we applied with, so, with any luck, the game will be open for proper testing soon. Updates will be kept regular. So keep on checking it out to stay abreast of the newest information about Soul'Riven the mud.

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Your Humble News Anchor

Amanda Greathouse I am one of just 3 people currently involved in game development, the other being my husband Kevin and our best friend, Jeremy. Please, shoot me an email of you want to get on board with the mud.
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