Common Help

Until I can get the regular helpfiles uploaded or typed up on here, these are a copy of the ones loaded into the game. It you open it with a program like JCreator, you shouls be fine, though in notepad they look like a squished up mess.

skill_help.ini skill_help.ini
Size : 99 Kb
Type : ini
common_help.ini common_help.ini
Size : 47 Kb
Type : ini
chant_help.ini chant_help.ini
Size : 82 Kb
Type : ini
prayer_help.ini prayer_help.ini
Size : 63 Kb
Type : ini
songs_help.ini songs_help.ini
Size : 25 Kb
Type : ini
spell_help.ini spell_help.ini
Size : 97 Kb
Type : ini
misc_help.ini misc_help.ini
Size : 95 Kb
Type : ini
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